Who Am I?

I like to create for the joy of it. I deal in ideas, and think through art and writing. It makes me happy when others find my work interesting, and get something out of it.

I am passionate about making information accessible through design and art, and I love to study the relationship between people and technology.

What is 8th House Visions?

The 8th house is the house of Sex and Death; it is the house of union between the physical and metaphysical, and of transition. My art often explores and represents mythic and meta ideas through the body, resting in ephemeral and transient spaces. I am interested in the body as a site of spirituality, change, and fragmentation by cultural and technological forces.

A portfolio is a living thing. It grows with me. It changes with me. It changes as I learn from others and from myself. This site is meant to be a representation of my exploration of life, consciousness, art, gender, death, and technology. As I evolve, I want my work to offer visions for the future that incorporate my learnings about the world. 

So what is 8th House Visions? A view of the future, a dream, a wish. An acknowledgement of what is, and a hope of what could be.