The question of what is real is augmented by our relationship with technology. I play with this idea to create obvious manipulation using digital tools meant to be subtle. By doing so, I mean to question the idea of reality itself in a digital landscape.

In my later work, I also ask what can be made true through digital manipulation, and begin to work in spiritual themes.

Series With Meiya – 2019

This series was done for a school project.

I was interested in using bodies as sites of digital manipulation techniques; passing bodies through digital spaces turns them into something new, elevating them through style and technology.

I shot these photos in a lighting studio, then used Photoshop to manipulate the images, using mostly additive processes, but permanently altering the digital file the the process.

Subject: Meiya Sparks. 2019.

During this process, I became interested in time. In the piece below, the subject’s body blends together, creating a sense of time from a symbolic place. Digital mark making techniques (gradients, brush tool, pixel art) begin to reference organic forms, suggesting semi-spiritual themes.

Subject: Meiya Sparks. 2019.

2020 Work

Pictured: Marina Smith and Mika Yassur. 2020.