Below are several examples of Instagram posts I designed and created for Living From Joy, an emotional resiliency coach. These posts are advertising online events.

I was contracted to design a logo for Noe’s Universe. I began with concept sketches, and then made black and white designs of the couple that the client was most interested in. I then presented color palates, and finalized the logo with the desired palate.

Below is the finalized logo, as well as some black and white prototypes.

Logo design for Noe’s Universe. 2020.
Logo prototype for Noe’s Universe. 2020.
Logo prototype for Noe’s Universe. 2020.

I created an app design for Vote 2020!, an app to remind people to register to vote, as well as vote. It also centralized voting registration and polling information for easy access.

The app creator wanted an app design that was clean, and was not biased toward any political party. Below is the final logo I designed and created.

App Design for Vote 2020! for Squid Store, LLC. 2020.

Below are logo prototypes I did for the Womxn’s Alliance of Southeastern Massachusetts as a Website Design Intern. I was building a website and brand identity for this organization during my time as an intern. Below are prototypes I made for the organization.

Logo prototypes for the Womxns Alliance. 2020.
Logo prototypes for the Womxns Alliance. 2020.

Below is a two-image Instagram post made for a working group during Spring 2020. The intention for the post was to be eye catching, clear, and easily shared.

Below is one poster from a series of four made during Trans Day of Remembrance 2019. The posters were intended to educate about the history of trans people, giving short descriptions about the lives of historic trans icons across different time periods. I designed, created, printed, and distributed the posters. I also wrote many of the descriptions.

Poster for Trans Day of Remembrance Campaign hosted by Wellesley Trans Advocates. 2019.

Below are small cards I designed to be passed out during an org fair. The cards have Wellesley Trans Advocate’s logo, as well as a link to a form “to voice concerns about experiences related to trans and gender-non-conforming inclusion and support at Wellesley.”

Flyers for Wellesley Trans Advocates. 2019.

Below is a design I created that was printed onto tote bags as part of a fundraising effort for the Regeneration Student Farm at Wellesley College.

Tote Bag Design for Regeneration Farm, a student farm at Wellesley College. 2018.