Acrylic on cardboard. 2018.

I began to use myself as a subject senior year of High School, during the development of my AP Art concentration (a piece from which is pictured above). Since then, my self portraiture has developed into a more overt exploration of gender identity. It is important and powerful for me to control the ways in which I am expressed and portrayed.

I often explore the ways in which our bodies can be used as cites of manipulation, and digital expression. How are our bodies modified, replicated, and disrupted?

I like incorporating texture and text into images to indicated meaning. I play with foreground/background to draw the viewer in and remind them of the collapsing of space and time in digital space.

Trust. Pen and digital modification. 2018.
Digital modification of phone image. 2019.
Digital modification of phone image. 2019.
Icarus. Digital Manipulation of Film and Digital Photographs. 2020.
Don’t Let Tenderness Die. Pencil and digital modification. 2020.